what is it?

Connected Services is a shared data infrastructure that brings the Etairon Remote Services Offerings and your assets together into a single collaborative services model.

Connected Services provides a simple, secure technical and commercial framework for Etairon to access real-time sensor-based data from your assets. It enables us to:

  • gain continuous, secure access to operational data
  • gain visibility into remote operating conditions
  • increase collaboration
  • reduce fiscal uncertainty
  • increase efficiency of field service

Connected Services is a subscription-based “pay-as-you-grow” model, so you can pay over time from operating budgets instead of all at once from capital budgets.

etairon remote services offerings

Plant performance monitoring

Utilizing Connected Services Etairon provides remote performance monitoring services for the following process plants:

  • Ammonia plants
  • Methanol plants
  • Ethylene plants

Real-time process and laboratory data are scanned periodically from the plant process data historian and data reconciliation is performed for periods of steady-state operation. Rigorous first-principles-based steady-state models of the plant are then used with the reconciled data sets to perform performance analyses and optimization cases the results of which are shared with the plant operations and engineering personnel at an agreed upon frequency. 

soft sensor support

Our Soft Sensor Support plan provides 24/7 monitoring of your critical product qualities so you always have insight into your process operations. Soft sensor signals are maintained remotely resulting in a very cost effective solution.