data quality management

Etairon data quality management software improves the fitness, accuracy and availability of critical time series data used throughout the enterprise.


Our DQu™ automated platform-independent application provides real-time data stream validation using proprietary heuristics. Functions include data base automation such as the auto build of PI points and AF templates, determination of validity reason codes, filtering and steady-state detection. 

Input data conditioning is very important to assure calculation accuracy, application performance and availability of these types of critical applications:

dynamic applications

  • Inferential property calculations
  • Advanced regulatory control
  • Model predictive control
  • Process optimization

steady state applications

  • Real-time process optimization (RTO)
  • Real-time Process simulation models
  • Heat and material balance calculations

artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Deep learning algorithms
  • Predictive analytics applications

The DATA QUALITY UTILITY enables the construction of a data validation layer implemented for all critical source inputs for any of the applications referenced above plus others to provide "clean" source values as inputs.

The DATA QUALITY UTILITY automates the creation of parallel tags for raw inputs into which both the validated and filtered results with reason codes are written and stored continuously in real-time within the PI System archive.