Inferentials are real-time signals typically implemented in the process control network (PCN) and used to monitor, control and optimize product qualities for multi-draw fractionators and two-product towers in refineries and petrochemical plants.

The inferential properties, or soft-sensors, are essentially a replacement for or a validity check signal for on-line analyzers which are known to need frequent calibration and often have issues with sample systems. 

ETAIRON Inferential Packages include Generalized Cutpoint Calculations (GCC) for multi-draw fractionators and Generalized Distillation Short-cut (GDS) for two-product towers.

The "killer app" is GCC applied to the Crude Switch Problem.

Etairon provides the following services for GCC:

  • Inferential Implementation which involves a functional specification, application configuration, tuning, testing, training and turn-over, and
  • Inferential Monitoring which involves connected services for remote access to the plant data historian, data validation / reconciliation, off-line analysis of inferential qualities calculations, and any tuning adjustments required.

Both GCC implementation and monitoring are available as a paid-up license plus support and services or as a service over time like a lease.