Petrocontrol's Inferential Technology is field-proven in over 1500 applications installed on over 100 process units in oil refineries and petrochemical complexes world-wide.

Refining Units

Multi-draw Fractionator Tower Inferential Product Qualities

  • Crude Pre-Flash Tower

  • Crude Unit

  • Vacuum Unit

  • FCCU Main Fractionator

  • FCCU Gas Plant

  • Coker Main Fractionator

  • Hydrocracker Fractionator

  • Process Units

  • Amine absorption and Claus units

  • Aromatics: BTX reforming, extraction and separation

  • Blending gasoline, middle distillates, fuels and lubes

  • Boilers, furnaces and utilities

  • Gasoline processes: reforming, alkylation, isomerization, benzene saturation

  • Fluid catalytic cracking

  • Hydrogen processes: hydrogen production, desulfurization and hydrocracking

  • Thermal processes: thermal cracking, visbreaking, delayed coking 

  • Lubes processes: deasphalting, dewaxing and extraction

  • Two-product Distillation Tower Inferential Product Qualities (Soft Sensors)

  • C3 Splitter

  • Debutanizer

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Two-product Distillation Tower Inferential Product Qualities 

  • Ethylene cracking and olefins separation.