Inferentials are real-time signals typically implemented in the process control network (PCN) and used to monitor, control and optimize product qualities for multi-draw fractionators and two-product towers in refineries and petrochemical plants.

Soft Sensor Benefits

Our real-time soft sensor data streams support measurement, monitoring, control, optimization and planning functions for your critical product qualities. 


The Petrocontrol multi-draw fractionator solution is implemented in oil refineries and petrochemical plants world-wide.


Our philosophy is to serve as a partner every step of the way from design through ongoing support and maintenance of your soft sensors.

Process Units

Petrocontrol's inferential technology is field-proven in over 1500 applications installed on over 100 process units in oil refineries and petrochemical complexes world-wide.

SSAAS Data Streams Available

Find your properties for refining and petrochemical applications here.

Crude Switch

Crude switches are automatically detected and factored into the inferential product property calculations that form the soft sensor signals.

Generalized Cutpoint Control (GCC)

GCC is a compact, integrated package of constraints, dynamics, manipulated variables, and inferential models. To increase its speed and simplicity, GCC takes into account a finite set of instrument measurements with no redundancy. 

Generalized Distillation Short-Cut (GDS)

GDS is an inference model for predicting distillation top and bottom product purities. It has been implemented on a wide variety of distillation equipment, from simple light-ends columns to superfractionators.