The following inferential properties are available:

Crude Unit

  • Naphtha 90% point
  • Pre-fractionator naphtha 90% point
  • Kerosene 90% point, flash point, freeze point
  • LGO 90% point, cloud point, flash point
  • AGO 90% point
  • Internal reflux on key trays
  • Overflash flow
  • Estimated crude TBP curve and theoretical product cutpoints

Vacuum Unit

  • LVGO 90% point
  • LVGO cloud
  • HVGO 90% point
  • Asphalt viscosity or DSR

Saturated Gas Plant

  • Heavy naphtha (reformer feed) 10% point and/or C6 content
  • Light naphtha RVP and C4 content
  • Light naphtha (isomerization unit feed) 90% and C7 content
  • IC5 product RVP and C4 content
  • LPG C5 content
  • Butane C3 content and/or propane C4 content

Gasoline Reformer

  • Reformate RON
  • Rate of carbon deposit on catalyst
  • CCR regenerator carbon burn
  • Reformate RVP and C4 content
  • LPG C5 content
  • C3 in butane and/or C4 in propane

FCC Unit

  • Feed crackability and coking tendency in open loop
  • Catalyst activity factor in open loop
  • LCN 90% point
  • HCN 90% point, sometimes also flash point
  • LCO 90% point, sometimes also cloud point

FCC Gas Plant

  • Propylene/propane stream C2 and C4 content
  • LCN RVP and C4 content
  • Butane/Butylene C3 and C5 content

Delayed Coking Unit

  • Drum outage in open loop
  • Naphtha 90% point
  • LCGO 90% point

Delayed Coker Gas Plant

  • LPG C2 and C5 content
  • Naphtha RVP and C4 content

Alkylation Unit

  • Reactor IC4/Butylene stoichiometric ratio
  • Alkylate RVP, and C4 and C5 content
  • NC4 purge IC4 and C5 content
  • IC4 recycle C3 and NC4 content

Diesel HDS Unit

  • Diesel flash point